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2nd Gen Mx6 4 Point Harness Bar

King6fab has developed a 100% Bolt in 4 point harness bar specifically for the 2nd Gen Mx6.  Utilizing a 4 point mounting design, it offers additional structural rigidity and strength.  Bolt in design allows the use of existing seat belt bolt locations and existing hardware.  This harness bar can be used with 4-6 point harness’s, achieving correct harness angles to match track specifications.

Polyurethane Shifter Assembly Bushings Kit

Our Polyurethane shifter assembly bushings are made using Energy Suspension Polyurethane that offers increased durability due to the HYPER-FLEX™ Technology. The HYPER-FLEX™ Polyurethane remains soft like rubber but wont compress or stretch. It offers reduced vibration transfer and is chemical, oil, salt,ozone,heat,cold and weather resistant so it wont deteriorate like rubber nor crack or crumble like plastic. The bushings themselves can take a beating..and will outlast brass/bronze bushing.

Tubular Lower Control Arms Set

Made with DOM Steel Tubing, Mandrel bent to exact specifications.

This kit includes:
Left and Right Control arms
Left and Right grease-able Ball Joints with hardware
Polyurethane Bushings with hardware (front)
Assembled Polyurethane Bushings with hardware (rear)
Optional: Traction Bar Mounts

Adjustable Polyurethane Trailing Arms

King6fab Adjustable Trailing arms are constructed of  swagged steel tubes.095 in. wall DOM material. The tubes feature a deep knurl for easy length adjustments and zinc plating for corrosion resistance. They utilize Prothane Polyurethane bushings, resulting in decreased chassis body roll and suspension flex. The result of these adjustable trailing arms is a direct responsive rear suspension with minimized deflection.  The Adjustment feature allows for variations in your suspension alignment to be setup.  Additionally, the Polyurethane bushings are individually replaceable.

Latest From King6fab

Auto X Elite Package

Reinforced Traction Bars with Polyurethane Tubular Control Arm’s

& Lower Transmission Saver Mount

In the Fall of 2015 We have completed a full assembly of Tubular Lower Control Arms that adapts to

the Reinforced Traction Bars with Lower Mount Setup.. creating the ultimate performance Setup!

If your interested in this setup, please send us a email for pricing! Limited Availability!

Racing Suspension Package Deals!

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